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First Paid App

Matt Rangel


CCB Screenshot

Hey everyone! Check out my first paid gig, here It’s a website for a local gym that I built while studying to help balance “theoretical learning” with “tangible implementation”. It’s built with React, CSS, SASS, and deployed on Netlifly.

On the Equipment page, I’m dynamically grabbing the equipment image, title, and description from a data page, which you can see by clicking their respective buttons and a modal pops up.

It’s very simple and barely scratches the surface of what I’m capable of. But hey, it’s nice to have someone pay for what you built.

I had a lot of fun collaborating with the gym owner and I’m glad they’re very pleased with the result.

From here, I’ll be building out apps to help solidify a couple of learning opportunities I identified from building this app and diving deeper into React. Always looking to grow and expand my skill set as I continue my job search to break into tech!


Matt Rangel

(The above web app was built entirely from scratch code. If interested, I can help design and build apps from Wix and/or Wordpress. If you or someone you know is interested, just reach out and let me know!)